Make your business sell more. We cater to small businesses to multinational corporations. We are much more than a digital marketing agency. Over R$ 6.5 million managed in Ads.

Finally achieve success in Digital Marketing. Advertising strategy on Google Ads, Instagram, Meta, TikTok, in addition to our entire design, content, and strategy team. We are complete and exactly what you need. Affordable and customized monthly subscription. Click below, and let’s have a chat.

A monthly fee and a complete team for you. Ads, Content, Design, Strategy, Influencer Marketing, and more.

And the best part: it fits in your budget. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us; at the very least, you’ll get to know our amazing team and some valuable market tips.

Experts in various tools.

A set of tools and strategies
created for you to sell more 💰​

Creation and strategic development in advertising campaigns focusing on your target audience.

A tip for you: avoid managers who are just “button pushers”! Anyone can learn how to operate a platform, but the biggest differentiator for a skilled traffic manager is the strategy they will adopt for your product.

Here at OCA, you’ll have the best management team working in alignment with design and content.

A team of designers and copywriters who create strategies for authentic and impactful social media posts!

Today, it’s not enough to create content just for the sake of it. AI is a cornerstone of the market, and what we mostly see are similar posts with a few different words. Do you want to be a copycat of other brands for your customers? Is that what they seek from a company in your industry?

Don’t be just another one in the crowd; have content and creativity hand in hand!

It will be the foundation of your communication, essential for conveying the values and culture of the company; it’s the visual way in which you will be remembered by your customers, it’s like “judging a book by its cover.”

A distinctive identity that resonates with your customers will be a significant advantage for your brand. We have numerous examples of iconic logos worldwide, and we know that this elevates a company’s status.

Come and change yours with the best design team!

Creation of websites and e-commerce platforms focused on user experience, with good speed, responsiveness, and excellent SEO.

Today, the market trend is to push for a “visually appealing” website, but what they don’t tell you is that for your customer, that’s the least important characteristic. And that’s where the mistake lies – listening to programmers and platforms instead of your own customer.

Build a website focused on your customer’s experience and generate much higher revenue!

Planning to turn your audience into customers based on their behaviors.

The key to inbound is to observe your customers’ preferences and provide them with valuable content that can assist them in their professional career, with their company, or even in their personal life, depending on your industry.

This exchange builds trust with your customers, encourages them to consume your content, and eventually leads to conversion in your company!

Finding clients with the right strategy and copy, thus creating a great sales channel.

Going after your target audience with personalized emails that speak your customer’s language, making conversion with your company possible, always with a specific strategy for each approach.

Found it complex? The OCA team makes it easy for you!

We are very happy with the final result of our website, super intuitive and optimized! The way the OCA11 team handled brand communications and supported us was excellent. We recommend it to everyone.

Marcelo Bragaglia

Founder Scalable

OCA was essential for our store during the pandemic. We have grown a lot, and I thank the entire team for the work they've done. I recommend it.

Susana Fujita

Thanks to all the work by OCA11, Guta's social media became even more creative. The team is great, always helpful, respects the entire visual identity, and enhances the brand's communication. Highly recommended!


Founder Guta Pet

Some brands that trust in our work

Our way of working is to solve all the problems of your business, only then can we develop the strategy that will launch this rocket!

Astromarketing is a working platform where your brand is analyzed in detail. This allows us to identify weaknesses and enhance successes.

For effective marketing work, you typically need at least 5 employees: a social media manager, a designer, a copywriter, an analyst, and a ads manager. Can you imagine?

With Astromarketing, you have all these functions at a fair cost!

A universe of possibilities


The visual aspect on the internet is very important because it is expected that your image communicates and conveys the key information of the brand. Your company's visual identity will be its 'fingerprint,' and it holds great significance. Oca has a team of creative designers and dedicated copywriters; undoubtedly, we will deliver the best, always!


Reaching the largest number of people within your target audience is essential for your company to become known and sell more and more. Our Ads team works with strategies aimed at boosting your brand, in alignment with the contend and design team.


Monitoring the results of the strategies is essential so that we can always strive for project improvement. Having you aligned with our work is crucial to us because with the internal insight, we can break through the ceiling and take off.


Keeping up with changes in the world of marketing is an inseparable part of our work. Working strategically with an influencer who speaks the language of your target audience yields impressive results

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